Pride and Prejudice

Title Now vs Original Title...As some of us may know, the original title of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice wasn't Pride and Prejudice. Jane originally wanted to title the novel "First Impressions". She wanted to do so because she believed that with the carefulness she took in crafting these characters, she created the whole plot based on the 'first impressions' of these characters. Also, the importance of first impressions and the erroneousness of initial judgement runs through this novel so thoroughly. "First Impressions" was first drafted in between the late months of 1796 and August 1797. But with talent comes perfectionism; it was then re-written and re-worked on three more times before final publication in 1813. Because she revised it so many times, it is promised to be significantly different than the first draft, this drove Austen to decide that her first title "First Impressions" did not suit the final book as much as "Pride and Prejudice" did. But when you really think about it the two are not too far off from each other, for example; we see the prejudice right away, but isn't prejudice just judging someone based on what they are on the outside, based on a first impression?

As we see, the majority of the characters in "Pride and Prejudice" indure the suffering from pride and/or prejudice in different ways. Each character, however, experiences these traits in diverse situations and each handle them in numerous ways, based on the quirkiness of each said character.

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